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What is ghack's user.js? This is the second time I'm hearing about this.

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>I mean he's already resigned to the fact that he probably isn't ever going coming back to USA.
Where did he say this and did he mean he isn't probably coming back because
1. He actually doesn't WANT to come back or 2. Because he believes he will never be able to come back

>It's a shame but pardoning Snowden would be conciliatory at best and makes no sense politically
>if hes pardoned, smart move would be not to come back.
How would these make sense, when the US goverment wants people to think like
And believe that he actually is an US enemy and working for Russia? It would be in my opinion a dumb fuck move to not return if he wants to keep atleast some credibility. Also, if US really thinks there'd be a chance he wouldn't come back, they should pardon him and push the ideology I just presented.

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