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Im going to do soft landing pads and lube. What parts of the slider do you lube? Love the retro cherry look too. What spacebar is that? And is it PBT like the rest of that set?

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qb the naysayers just don't know the beauty of it. Good condition OG doubleshots are like fucking without a condom. All your normal ass PBTs are like fucking with one on while crap ABS is buttplay no lube. I regret selling my 6 sets of brand new OG doubleshots even though I made $500 profit.

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Ive used PBTs from Realforce, Cherry, and Vortex and they have all been a lot better feeling than and of the ABS I've used minus Cherrys doubleshots.


Go with the quickfire stealth. Ive owned a noppoo before they dont compare and I cant imagine one that costs half of the one i used would be anything near comparable to a costar built keyboard.

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From what I hear they feel like lubed blues with a different spring. Never felt the need to fork out the $50 for new switches since I hate blues but I'm sure the whites are a bit better.

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