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>$1M to $2M for a shitty commieblock in Puerto Mamadero

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>Governments are made of people. Given the right douches and complacency, of course they're not going to care
Governments are systems of control, they are ran by people not made by people.
>Freedom of speech is the ability to express something to others. Freedom of though is the ability to independently think for yourself.
You are able to think or say whatever you want you don't need the government to give you freedom of speech or thought.
>One can be denied, the other can be suppressed. Limiting speech cannot limit thought though. I'd argue the other way around is true though
I'm not sure what you mean with the first sentence, but being able to communicate without being censored is fundamental to develop a free thought, if you could not share youre ideas with other people after a couple of generation everybody would have the same ideas(we're getting there)

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>tfw can't concentrate to listen to some decent music without any visual stimuli

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Just bought T430 with destroyed hignes claimed as in perfect condition.

I'm returning "perfect" T430 for a 4th time.

Is T430 literally shit laptop or sellers in my country are just scammers?

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>Siemens has radio
>Nokia has better displays
>SonyEricsson has built-in MP3 Walkman
>muh server grade hardware instagram machine opens twatter 3 milliseconds faster!!1
zoomers were a massive mistake

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How do I back into programming anons? I used to love it and have programmed since I was like 9. I'm 22 now. I stopped coding a couple years ago (excluding the uni work).

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I just graduated today with an applied associates in computer networking. I have no fucking clue where to go from here guys. Looking for a full time gig that isn't level 1 helpdesk or answering phones for 8 hours. I just don't know what kind of position to look for. Just a little bit of experience with everything, cisco routing/switching, linux, AWS, MS AD, MS Server, virtualization stuff, cables. Literally entry level knowledge in every single field. The problem is I have no clue what I actually want to do because a lot of the jobs seem super specific.

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>aunty accidentally accumulated my anus ants

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I've had a t420 for 5 years and it's starting to shit out on me, is a T430 comparable? I can't find a refurbished t420 with windows 7 anywhere for a good price. Please help, I can hear the insides of my t420 clicking as we speak.

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Is there any actual legit spyware software to catch cheaters? All I've found online are scams. I haven't been able to think straight for days.

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Have you ever lost a /tech/ job ?

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fuck. What browser does /g/ use then?

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