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>The sound of bottoming out is louder

The impact on the sound of the switches themselves is zero, blue clicky switches will click like they always do. It's that "clunk" sound of bottoming out the keys the few times you do that which goes away.

O-rings are specially useful on brown switches because the switches themselves are very quiet but the "clunk" sound of bottoming out the keys can be very loud on some boards.

Some really don't like o-rings. For me it's almost a requirement for using a keyboard. You'll have to figure out what you prefer.

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Checked my mailbox just now, I got a small package with thick supposedly 40A O-rings ("rubber gasket") for Cherry MX keys.

They look alright so they are probably fine O-rings. Can't say for sure, though, since I haven't actually tested them out just yet. Perhaps I will report back on the status of the Blue O-rings at a later date. I already put slightly thinner Red O-rings on this keyboard and they seem to work fine since this keyboards "Content" switches seem to be slightly shorter than the Cherry MX switches.

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