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I currently have a rode nt1a and scarlett 2i2. But all the pros shit on both this preamp and microphone.

From research what im being lead to believe is that the best microphone is the U87 and the best preamp Universal audio LA610.

The best shotgun microphone is the MKH 416 and the best portable preamp is the Sound Devices 302.

Others claims that the best mic is the RCA44 or that any high end ribbon microphone is warmer than the U87. Do things truly sound richer on these preamps or microphones? If this is true how come it's so difficult for people to tell what microphones were used during blind tests?

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What's a good mic and interface for recording music at home?

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Got myself a Focusrite scarlet 2i2 recently and i'm correctly using it for my krk rokit6 speakers. I'm not that experienced with good sound, but i can obviously hear some difference from previously.
Is there anything that i should do to improve it even more? I'm getting a mic and some headphones later on that i'm also going to plug into this lovely red box.

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I ordered one of these the other day (hasn't arrived yet) after a friend recommended it to me. Anyone have one? I'm gonna use it to record podcasts and my guitar tunes...

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