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WTF is up with pifags? You could have just bought a sansa clip and gotten superior sound and superior everything without downloading linux or another bloated OS, and you wouldn't have even needed a DAC.

Its like you guys like to do everything as inefficiently as possible, downloading this-does-everything-but-shittily software instead of getting a real music player or using a netbook you already have instead of falling for more jewish tricks to buy more hardware you will never use.

You are like arduinofags but use heavier software, have to add an SD card to you 'real computer' and waste more money on crappy hardware and software when superior versions exist that even cost less.

ESP8266 is all I need to deauth wifi and control my lights.

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I'm currently taking a shit and posting from my X200. What is your excuse phonefags? Is your laptop bigger than 13"? Ha, ha. Are you compensating for something, anon?

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>1st amendment.

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Can't wait for us to go back to the days of Pentium MMX speeds.

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>nonfree gratis CUDA software

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No I don't
Car analogies for tech are fucking stupid I don't see why people think anybody wants them.
What programs are "high gear optimized"? What the fuck does that even mean?

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Windows 10 uses optical mice to send high resolution images of your mousepad to Microsoft for malicious botnet purposes

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bro are you blind?

i asked for a conservative dress watch and you're reccomending me this massive ayy-lmao looking shit?

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It took me a minute and a half to find it on pcpartpicker, and I didn't even know what it was
Please excuse my phoneposting sins

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Not an argument, it's not a pleasure to use.

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>tfw bought 650W version of that PSU for the exact same price

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>Ask /pcbg/ about 1060 for gaymen
>it's gimped! Its gonna be useless in a year!
>Spend $200 more on 1070 instead
>240FPS on absolute maxed settings

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>bought a new case
>CPU cooler should have 1mm of clearance
>didn't even check the GPU height
>it's that gigabyte video card that's really tall

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Should I skip NVidia 10 series?
I have a Zotac 980ti Amp Extreme, and I have no problems with it, even in 4k. I had 2 780tis, but sold them for the 980ti, since the VRAM of the 780ti made me feel limited, I went to 980ti which doesn't have the VRAM issue.
Will there be a 1080ti, and if there is, would it just be worth waiting for 1180ti to be released. I considered this since I still see 780tis selling over $300 on EBay.

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at least it's thinner than other g's

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at least it's thinner than other g's

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Ubuntu (I did the whole Arch/Gentoo meme for years)

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