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I'm struggling to find a job in CS and wanted to do self study for a few months and was wondering if JEE is a good place to start.

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I fuck prostitutes for $50 a night. There is no such thing as an involuntary celibate, only poorfag retards who could be getting the suck and fuck after one shift at McDick's.

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Imagine owning a Benchmark DAC and using 25% volume in Windows.

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Thanks Anon, that means a lot to me.

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Wtf they're so tiny!

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Because I use Sublime text instead. It just works. For documentation or small scripts I often use Nano.

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The beauty of open source is that you can remove them.

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no u

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>trained ears
He thinks "trained ears" can hear inaudible audio differences

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t. autists trying to cope their overrated HD600s

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Huh... It's almost as if I'm right and you faggots just have no clue what you're talking about.

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>build image board that's only accessible through specially made client application
>users get an error page when visiting through a normal web browser
>open source the client so it can be ported to any platform
>don't offer any binaries and put out the source under a license that prohibits the redistribution of pre-built binaries, but also allows for the modification and redistribution of the source
>users will have to compile it themselves
>massive barrier to entry to normalfaggots and other assorted brainlets

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Cool it with the shilling, Pajeet. I'm already considering AMD's mobile chips. You don't have to ram it up my ass every 3 seconds.

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Your first two are wrong anyways. OS family for Windows is NT and OS X is UNIX-like. OS X uses the XNU kenrel derived from the Mach kernel, an is mostly POSIX compliant, despite being certified, because it's shit.

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>ITT retards don't understand where their drinking water comes from already or what waste management centers do
I would just like to let you all know that every time you smell a fart, be it yours or that of someone else near you, you're breathing in tiny little shit particles, which is why it smells bad.

All of you need to grow the fuck up and get over your disgust sensitivity. Drinking the recycled poo water is safer than drinking rain water in a lot of places.

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Most of them are smart enough to know that Windows is dogshit and that real Apple hardware is a ripoff, but still too dumb to install Linux, BSD, or even some Windows Enterprise flavor. There's no significant difference between a modern Mac and any off the shelf Intel PC aside from the EFI and the outer casing. Macfags think that their hardware is magical or something. All you have to do is install a bootloader which will start the OS X kernel with the same settings and pretty much trick it into thinking that it's booting off the EFI of a real Mac.

>I mean they are both unix like and linux is just better regarding privacy, security and freedom.
They're not the same at all aside from a few similar userland utilities like Bash and some GCC stuff that's included in both of them. Mac OS 9 and earlier were written completely by Apple and weren't forks of anything, at least not the underlying system. Around 1998-2000 Apple was working on taking NeXTSTEP and sticking the Mac OS GUI on top of the Mach kernel. They did something similar with A/UX where the put the Mac OS GUI on System V UNIX. Now you have OS X which uses XNU, which is a modified version of the Mach kernel. The modern Mac OS X GUI is a big mix of NeXTSTEP components and other Apple software made into a desktop environment called Aqua, which is still around today.

OS X is not UNIX. The name of the kernel literally means X is Not UNIX. And to this day, poll() is still fucking broken, so the UNIX certs mean fuckall when OS X is not fully POSIX compliant.

Apple hardware and software haven't been worth a damn since 2005. That picture is just a reminder that Apple now makes social media machines for numales. Where's the ads now calling OS X UNIX? I don't see any. I do see ads for gay photo viewing apps and mediocre web browsers though.

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I ordered one of those Talos II workstations. They're a bit pricey but it's going to be my main desktop. It's powerful enough that I'll be able to comfortably run x86_64 virtual machines and install Windows Enterprise and Fedora Linux for all of my standard software I use, and everything else like word processing and web browsing can be done on the bare metal with Debian or something. Keeping most of your shit in VMs is great because it's portable and easy as pie to make backups. It's just drag and drop.

>we'd need to convert entire planets into RAM
>be in the future
>some social media company run by women because diversity hiring
>site is serving terabytes of unoptimized, bloated spaghetti code to each user
>lmao just add moar RAM
>they make the planet into one big RAM disk to access social media faster from their shitty moon base
>enemies come and target power station and shoot it with lasers
>there's civil war after the RAM disk is cleared and all the 4D nude holograms are wiped
>stupid koder bitches still don't understand vRAM vs nvRAM
>hurrrrr it all holds da data
Screenshot this and put it in the time capsule. Normies never change.

I miss my old PowerBook G4. They're cheap enough on ebay that I might just buy another one to tinker with.

>I need a handle
Get some jack or bacardi and go to bed, tripfaggot.

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It's a fucking scam as long as you aren't a fucking retard that runs things as root or uses Windows. It's a real shame that I don't have the secret recipe for making common sense pills so that I could sell them to retards like you. I'd make a fortune.

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Giving money to a US company that has a faggot as a CEO and panders to gays and niggers on their website and has some ugly lesbian do a little dance on stage at one of their keynote events. Do you know which company I'm talking about? I'll give you some hints. Their logo is a fruit with a bite out of it and their quality control is so bad that they undo anti-rooting fixes with their updates, and their EFI on their laptops and desktops gets holes poked through it dozens of times a year by skids at epic haxerman conferences in Vegas.

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Bluetooth headphones use more battery than traditional wired headphones, so no. Apple "engineers" are just fucking stupid. They throttle the phones because they know that they used tiny little batteries and that their unoptimized toy OS is just going to strain their stupid chinkshit CPUs, which results in shit battery life and overheating.

And the thin meme needs to die. I know a lot of people, myself included, that wouldn't mind carrying a brick because of the battery technology we have today. Manufacturers could make phones with batteries that last a week or more with heavy use but they won't because think that people won't buy it due to normals using them as fashion accessories.

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This isn't even a placebo device. It's a false sense of security. Any reasonably powerful and well documented ARM chipset you can stick in a phone is going to have a closed off boot ROM and a bunch of non-free drivers for the GPU, crypto hardware, wifi, cell modem, etc. Even if it were to have a modem that was onboard somewhere and not integrated into the SoC, and even if it was well isolated from other devices and ran open source firmware like OsmocomBB, it would most likely still require a non-free kernel extension. Because guess what, you have to get these chips certified to use them in any country except Somalia or some shit. And guess who has a monopoly on powerful and certified modem hardware? Intel and Qualcomm, and they aren't providing open source anything for those chips. And to top it all off, there's a fucking Google services folder on the home screen.

McFaggot and his retarded meme phone can get fucked.

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Weak bait.

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shit I didn't notice, really need to step-up my weeb game

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