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I will just leave this link here.

And the picture is my thoughts on you. Enjoy the denial!

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>eating up marketing nonscence
Typical thinkpad owner. Pic related, it's you.

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Knowing how a car works mechanically is irrelevant. You don't need to know how a smartphone's CPU works in order to operate it. Before you're allowed to drive a car by yourself, you need to learn how to operate the car.

Most pilots do not know how the airplane's engine works. All pilots know how to operate the plane in order to take off, keep it in the air, land, etc.

Most smartphone users do not know how a CPU works, or even what a CPU is. All smartphone users should know how to operate their phone, including basic filesystem access.

>Apple users
>know nothing about technology
At least you got this part right.

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Am I a sheep if I buy a legit Windows 7?
I'm afraid of malware/viruses hidden in cracked Windows distributions.

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I'm not CG.

Anyway, sighted listening is truly a flawed method of evaluating gear due to biases which can be either voluntary or involuntary. This is why Harman uses blind testing with trained listeners in one of the best loudspeaker labs in the world.

I'm pretty sure going by measurements the Wire, Magni and O2 sound the same at levels that do not clip.

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