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>The number is false

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okay you can stop now

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I can't wait to see someone do this IRL, let alone put on a 30s radio station and pretend they're listening to GNR. It's a shame that I don't see this kind of autism on a regular basis like I did at uni.

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Looks like a combined toaster and space heater with some really tacky styling

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>create ramdisk
>install games on ramdisk
>minimal load times

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>3 guesses
>for a yes or no answer

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Can you say "LEL"?

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>be in college
>10/10 qt average korean girl in class
>She is 30
>Looks like she is 18
>is married
>tfw you will never have a qt3.14 korean gf

Anyway, I have an old socket 1156 i7 laying around that I cannot use. Will anyone be willing to buy one of these things anymore?

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>not believing that big pharma wants to make as much money as it can
>not believing that amphetamine is addictive
>not believing that people will stay addicted if they have an excuse that it's “good for me”

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>you're as bad as a 1st grader at your own native language.
>For one thing;
>incorrectly used semicolon

You're obviously not a scholar of any sort.

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Thats not how monitors or eyefinity works.
Please burn your setup and kill yourself

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>Switch to linux
>Switch back to windows for work
>Realize I do not compute any different
>OS I use is irrelevant

Why do you guys argue so much about your OS? At the end of the day I can still do the same shit.

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"List of chinese cartoons I think are pretty good:"

Closed it right there. I'm off to a party, see you nerds later!

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>You’re right; most modern assembly languages are higher-level than C.

Any good Assembly books guise?

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Its a good thing that they aren't going to grandfather AR's though, they will be handed in by most people as part of the buyback.
The rest will be collected and anybody who does not comply will be imprisoned or worse.
Assault Rifles are one of the exact things they are trying to get rid of as there is really no reasonable excuse for a civilian to have one.

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>no drivers
>failed to beat 690

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>implying printf is deprecated

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I bet you love the rfcs don't you

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My favorite part is that you could have made your username anything, but you STILL went with Gaydan. My buffers are overflowing with lulz.

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