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Like cukwork

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>absolute state of americans

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Get him a gym membership instead.

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Good luck to them enforcing this to their customers.

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>thinking you can escape
We probably own whatever other restaurant chain you go to as well.

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And That is why I don't support the USA
>Fucks up the Middle East
>Fucks over Non-Americans on a routine Basis (See: Syrian Refugee Crisis, Bikini Atoll & Okinawa etc.)
>Shits over other countries on a daily basis (CIA), be it allies or 'enemies of the Free world'
>Oppression of the American people & minorities (FBI/CIA)
>Worldwide surveillance/hacking
>Zero respect for privacy (NSA)
>Drugs and rapes an entire continent on a daily basis (Latino America/Golden Triangle)
>American warmongering in the Middle East/Against the Russian Federation/PRC
>A duopoly masquerading as a democracy
>US's freedom is a myth
>Massacre hundreds of millions becuz 'muh' communist and install Dictatorships around the world
>Supports dictatorships and fuck over the progress of other nations
>American people are retarded sheep
>Hypocrisy only makes you look even more retarded.

How retarded can American lardbrains go?

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>Just received my Huawei Mate 9


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do you want to know what a jewish slave looks like?
>slave to food impulses, no self control. heavily media influenced in food chocies
>picture of leftist jewish atheist on car, mocking the Lord
>supports degenerate behavior
>supports body mutilation
>supports in vitrio murder of white children
>supports masculinization of women and usurpation of cultural mores of a stable and fecund society
it's her

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