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Just bought this sucker off ebay for around £130 from the USA including import fee's and delivery cost!
84 Key Model F AT

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Cheers :) The new monitors are really nice! I think going 1080p for the outer monitors was a good idea afterall, it makes everything slightly larger so it's easier for me to see things on the screen that are further away from me.

Studio monitor mounting isn't going too well unfortunately. The G5 case is back on my desk now because it makes cable management much easier (it stretches the cables the perfect amount so everything is near the top of the desk and hidden) Anyway I've mounted the monitors and they are far too big and look ridiculous when mounted. I think I'm going to sell them and get some BX5's or a different pair.

Also just bought pic related! It's an 84 Key IBM Model F that I just found on Ebay today as a new listing thanks to pure luck of deciding to search for one. got it for £120 from america incl delivery charges

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