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I got a pair of Panasonic Toughbook CF-71s the other day and have been messing around with Win98.
The machines are built like tanks, basically Thinkpad 600-series in full magnesium and FRP casing. Pentium [email protected] MHz, 128 MB of RAM, They also have a Yamaha XG sound chip with a real OPL2 and MT32 emulation so music sounds great. Throw some cheapo Chinese IDE SSD in there and Win9x goes like a rocket, as long as you're only doing a couple things at a time. Modern OSes and architectures make multitasking so much easier.

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Just ordered a pair of "parts/untested" Toughbook CF-71s, one with a Pentium II and another with a PIII. They aren't here yet but I'm gathering some parts to restore them. It absolutely drives me up the fucking wall when business laptops are sold without the drive caddy, so here's hoping they both have 'em.

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