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Not the other guy, but I got some Matias QC as well.
If your gf isn't sleeping in the same room as you're typing, it really isn't about the switch you get. The case is way more important.
A high-profile case with a lot of space will resonate more and be rather loud. A good example is the case of the Pok3r.
There is a lot of space beneath the PCB, which results in the keyboard being quite loud. Also you should get something to put under the keyboard (pic related), it quiets it down a lot.

Even clicky switches aren't that loud in the correct case and the frequency of the click itself is dampened by a simple wall/door a lot already.

That being said, the Matias QC are an excellent switch, but not as quiet as one would think. Their keywobble makes them quite hearable and not as quiet as they could be. Lubed, tactile Cherry switches in a good, low profile case aren't much louder, imho even quieter. But then again you have to desolder the switches to lube them, so if you don't want to do that, go with the Matias QC.

KBP makes quite good keyboards. If you're interested in upgrading the case, Tex makes some CNC aluminium TKL ones that fit it and look quite nice. It will also quiet the keyboard down (a lot).
Hey man, I got my hands on a batch of good orange Alps (last ones I had were used a lot). Damn those are nice. I'll copy your build (little different, I want ANSI mods) soon.

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