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>Over three years, I've been sent on over a hundred operations under a variety of climates to search and rescue missing travelers in the remotest places of the planet. My daily life was crawling in the mud, climbing snowy peaks, crossing frozen rivers, wading through jungles, jumping from waterfalls, running through thick forests, diving to the ground, and felling on just about anything that exists. I also got caught in an avalanche on the slope of a volcano, I jumped from and crashed in all kinds of vehicles including trains and planes, I've been into countless fights, shot at, mortared at, and I've been exposed to corrosive chemicals more than once.

>Operators with G-Shocks are just cringeworthy, especially how they always look so brand new while everyone else has beat up F91Ws.


F91W are utter shit. Accept it faggot.

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