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10nm any time now.

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Who the fuck aborted my gf?!?!

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>tfw fell for the Poozen meme

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>tfw most films are mastered in 2k
>tfw 4k is a meme

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no i didint

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>OP is pic related

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help me /g/
>decide to clean ears and improve overall ear hygiene
>wash out ears today after putting a few drops of mineral oil inside
>about 5 minutes later feel high pressure in the middle-ear/eustachian-tube region
>ears start throbbing and hurting, hearing muffled, pressure increased
>slowly subsides over the period of the hour
>better now but ears still a bit muffled and hurt
What the fuck happened?
Going to an audiologist tomorrow.

So I don't get banned...
>found a pair of mission speakers that people were going to throw away because they thought the speaker wire being frayed means the speakers were broken

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>tfw TNigger

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>mothers laptop dies
>give her a currently unused laptop with a 1 year old installation of xubuntu
>says flash is outdated for her game
>run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
>sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
>try the apt on the website
>spend 20 minutes trying to find a solution and never find one
now i look stupid and she want to just install windows on it why is something so seemingly simple so hard

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An unknown device keeps popping up.
As in, constant usb in and usb out sounds. I only have the mouse and keyboard plugged in and i haven't installed anything.
What could be causing this? It started off randomly.
I had to disable the usb in sound because it was too annoying

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Learning vim

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Can we recover Extratorrents just like Pantsu?

Anyone knows any good alternatives for Extratorrents?

I'm sad as fuck

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>gets his own news segment just because he's autistic

It's not fair!

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>Still have to use pajeet CPU architectures like amd64 if I want to play vidya

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>are you happy now
i-it's valentine's day

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>aquele sentimento quando nunca vou ter uma namoradinha tupi com sotaque brasileiro


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>tfw I fell for the brown switches meme
just bought my first mechanical keyboard and I'm not very satisfied with the result
>"tactile bump" feels like crap
>key-travel distance seems way too high
>activation force too low
>key-caps seem all wobbly compared to my old sidewinder
>typing feels like I'm barely touching the keys and my fingers are uncertain
what do /mkg/?

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Why do they always win?

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H-hold me bros

I'm shaking

Denuvo cucking us

Kickass gone

BCG gone

Mega hacked

what.cd now

Is this the end of piracy?

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>this false flagging and bait posting won't stop for another month

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>24 year old worth $700 million for a meme technology that won't be immersive and viable for another 20 years

It's not fair!

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>meet someone in real life

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>tfw fell for the gentoo meme

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