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your programming language pdf's, hand them over

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>We need to go to Reddit.

You have to go back.

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>install vscode
>open .c file
>suddenly 270MB of extensions and compilers being installed without my permission
>i already have a full fucking toolchain
>apt-get remove --purge code
>this will remove 470MB are u sure??

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>want to use Rust
>want to use the piston_window crate
>error: Could not compile `bitflags`.

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This is a CIA disinformation agent, do not listen to them. They will try to shame you into using their services, it's one of their most effective tactics. Windows is spyware, stay noided.

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The numale dev team at work keeps passively aggressively rejecting my commits and bitching at me during morning standups because all my code is pure C99 and our codebase is IDIOMATIC C++14 ONLY.

This has been going on for 3 months, my effective productivity rate is literally zero most days of the week because my commits keep getting rejected, yet I haven't been punished for it yet.
I haven't pushed a single commit this week and the complaints stopped and I still haven't gotten written up for literally not working.
I've been watching anime at my desk this week instead of working.
Should I find a new job, or should I ride this as far as it'll go?

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>let rec

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She was supposed to be pure.

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Just because you're completely incompetent and lack Common Senseā„¢ doesn't make modern linux DEs any less intuitive than the windows DE.

Status of your argument:
[ ] Bullshit
[ ] Shitposting
[ ] Memes
[ ] Blown the fuck out
[ ] /thread
[x] All of the above

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delid this

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>His edge device only has two interfaces

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Stop watching child pornography, onii-chan.

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This, and it better be moe as fug nigga.

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>macross 82-99

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>program is called app

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>white boy
>people of color
>harassing women

Not gonna read this shit.

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>having disposable income

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>graduate with CS degree
>did some internships but none of them were any good
>the interns were the errand boys and they never let me near their production stack
>literally no real-world experience to speak of
>apply to real jobs
>everyone asks for a portfolio
>"where are your projects?"
>they want me to code open source FOR FREE

What the fuck is wrong with this industry?
I can't even get a fucking job because I don't LOOOOOVE programming as much as you autists.
Apparently I don't "love" programming because I refuse to spend all my spare time doing it for free.
It's like a construction worker coming home from his 9-5 job and then spending the rest of the afternoon laying down bricks.

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Tell me an analog-digital hybrid watch under $100 that doesn't look ugly, now.

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Fuck off with your 3LA data mining shit.

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>Don't turn off your PC

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heard you talkin shit nigga.

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