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mfw I get a way to fix this

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What version of Linux should I get? I like to play games and browse the internet on my computer, but I don't know a lot about Linux. I also refuse to use ubuntu because it sucks. I was looking at Fedora but came here first.

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ITT: The most efficient FizzBuzz ever. Language of your choice.

Oh, and no FizzBuzz(); BS.

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>TheFalcon's face when

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Canadafag here. i kept my same prepaid plan: $40 per month - unlimited everything except daytime/LD minutes. $50 prepaid card a month. switched from CDMA to 3G when it became available here. then lucked into an iPhone 3GS a friend had laying around after she upgraded. popped my SIM card in. only thing i am not stupid enough to do is tether it (costs a LOT)

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That explains it

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