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Not him/her/it, but I don't watch anime.
That said, I think anime grils are cute
I want to hug them
and snuggles
and maybe do the butsecks

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Thanks, uwu

You say A library, not BOTH.
uclibc does not mention static linking specifically.

In response to myself here, I would like to clarify a bit on the license issue. a possible, non-biased argument for the license is that uclibc is under the same one as glibc. So with musl even if it is super fast, I and other freetards can be like
>cuck license
, but since uclibc is also copyleft, it gives an opportunity to say,
"this thing is faster than glibc, less bloated in general than glibc, and has a cute puppy. It's also equally as supportive of your freedoms as glibc, so you have NO excuse."

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