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>i paid $20 for a 4chan pass just to ask this
>i couldn't solve captcha after 6 tries..

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unsigned sum(unsigned n)
case 1:
return 1;
case 2:
return 1+2;
case 3:
return 1+2+3;
case 4:
return 1+2+3+4;
case 5:

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... I thought it just repacked up the old ISO. If it exports out a new one then I guess that would explain my problem. Thanks for being patient with my autism, anon.

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Who told their potato-IQ brother that /g/ exists and why is he pretending like his poorly thought out opinions are fact?

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If Snowden's leaks are not enough to show you that you can't trust these people, nothing ever will be. We should outlaw hardware level spyware. The way things are right now is, your devices can spy on you, but there's a law that says that they are not allowed to. It's a retarded solution.

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I'm not clicking that link. That's how they hack your iPhone. I forwarded the link to that 1337 group Snowden mentions in the beginning. You better RUN kiddo.

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Ah yes, how could I forget all my German relatives... 4chan is so stupid baka. I don't have any non Serbian relatives.

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Hey fellas

First of all, 2 things

1) Sorry for using a trip, what I need is kind of trip necessary
2) Sorry to the jannies, I'm not sure if this counts as begging and is bannable

So, I'm having an online interview that lasts for an hour, done in Codingame Evaluate C++.
Yup, I am running for a game dev job at Ubisoft. While making games is my dream job, I'm your average web code monkey. Besides javascript, I also know regular java, python and R. However, my C++ is REALLY bad. I only just found out what "cout" is and I have no idea what pointers are. Yes, I understand loops and programming in general, but I don't know the syntax yet. The interview is this time tomorrow, I'll start learning the syntax right now, but I will still probably need help. I was told by the interviewer that the questions are piss easy, googled some shit about codingame evaluate c++ and it's shit like

int main()
int a, b, c; // int data type for simple math
a = 9;
c = a + 1 + 1 * 0;

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is building you're own components the final redpill

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This basically,>>75083299
I've wondered how I'd do this type of stuff myself before, as I'm (and i'm sure you are) one of those like 5 people in the world that owns a SC and see the crazy potential for Other Shit Than Games with it.

Where do I get a job doing this kind of shit btw, writing drivers? Would that be embedded programming or is that more primarily on the hardware side?

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Thoughts on X1 Extreme Gen 2?

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How do you goys deal with the excruciatingly outdated silicon in the older thinkpads?

I kinda get the aesthetic, and "they don't make em like they used to" etc but how the fuck are you ok with using 1st- and 2nd-gen Intel's on a daily basis?

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>muh apple touchpad
This is literally fake and gay.

I finally had the misfortune of using a 2014 MBP, and while the touchpad was not terrible, it was no better than that of any business class laptop from 2006 onwards.

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>I'm sick and tired of buying a laptop every 3 years
Then stop buying consumer grade trash.
Only retards buy non business grade laptops.

Shop for off lease models of the following:
Dell Latitudes and Precisions.
HP Elitebooks and ZBooks.
Lenovo T series and P series.
Panasonic Toughbooks.
Toshiba Tecras.
Fujitsu Lifebooks.

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>work at an intelligence agency, with the CIA niggers in cyber
>work with multiple teams to find zerodays on hardware and software
>after we find something, wait a few weeks and silently report the bug(s) to the respective developers for a pretty penny on the side
Do you guys think the CIA niggers occasionally do this?

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ITT: Niggerfaggots who cannot into LTSC

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Seriously, how can I do this?

Would a regular clamp-mount, VESA monitor arm be the best option?

I'd rather keep the monitor as low to the actual desk as possible...I'm trying to think if there's some way to DIY it that's not total shit.

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>implying he couldn't just buy a 4k 60hz ips panel instead of a 1440p 144hz panel
also 4k gaming is retarded
1440p 144/165hz + gsync is where it's at, niggers

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No lie detected

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Here's a helpful guide as to determining if something is /g/. Are you posting about technology or using technology as an excuse to post about X

All hardware/peripherals are directly technology
OH NO NO NO INTEL KIKES BTFO is not technology

Tech related jobs are technology
Politics regarding tech related jobs are not technology

Discussing OS' is technology
Going into threads to whine about how Windows users are all 'underage /v/tards' or Linux users are all desktop ricing fedora trannies is not technology

Finding second opinions on matters outside of relevant generals is technology
Posting half naked thots with "how do I hax my friends Facebook" is not technology

Discussing tech careers with no ulterior motive is technology
Blogging about uni grades is not technology

This thread is not technology
Crying about this thread being not technology is also not technology
Disregarding this entire post due to the OP image being "frogposting" isn't technology

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he thinks software voodoo upscaling actually improves quality

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Looking for recs for a new phone
Been using a 2017 Galaxy A5 for 2 years
It was good, especially the battery life and design, but the camera and performance coud be a lot better

>wanted features
good camera, good performance, good battery, absolutely no notch (either fullscreen or slim bezels), external storage is a bonus, headphone jack is preferable
around 300 EUR
doesn't matter

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Is startpage or searx better for results and general functionality? I don't care about privacy beyond it not being Google

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