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Oh, I didn't know that he turned down international work on a regular basis. He always seemed happy to work on anything that wasn't complete dogshit. Besides, not much risk to him. If Jyuu-chan decides not to pay, one of us can just go and steal the watch.

>mfw fully serviced LM special for $150 cash if this happens

I still love this Type II. Fuck, why can nobody bring back this 70s look? And why do modern watches need to be so fucking huge? Even my girlfriend, who doesn't know shit about watches, has commented that the older 36mm and 38mm pieces look more "proportional" and "tasteful". Did I just get lucky, or is there a fundamental disconnect between how girls think of modern men's watches and how men thin of them?

Yeah it fucking sucks. We have a family friend who wrote the LSAT in the 1980s, the guy brought two watches to that (a quartz which has been lost to time and a mechanical Seiko diver that he still has). Nowadays, good luck getting even one in.

Blame Smart Watches.

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>xx40 series Thinkpad

You truly are disgusting on so many levels.

Have a penis to go with that lube, fag.

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