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>he only has 32 giggers of RAM

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my fucking turn logic was messed up
if t%3 == 0: # Left?
carts[y-d, x+h] = (-d,h,t+1)
if t%3 == 1: # Ahead?
carts[y+h, x+d] = (h,d,t+1)
if t%3 == 2: # Right?
carts[y+d, x-h] = (d,-h,t+1)

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>My rent is $500/mo for an upscale 3 bdr. to give cost of living example.

Jesus fuck a studio here in central valley CA is 900. I'm getting the fuck out of here once I get my machining school done.

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10/10 fucking great post anon

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>No but they have tons of these vintage Rolex on ebay for like $500.
you're only pretending to be retarded right?

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I don't want to use google, I have no accounts with them currently, no email, nothing, but I need some way to subscribe to my favorite youtube channels

what if there was a website that kept track of videos you favorite and channel you subscribe to, but never actually make a google account for

like some kind of youtube middleman? Like startpage for google search? does anyone know of anything like that?

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should have bought an HHKB

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if only the HHKB had GMK caps
then it would be perfect

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he's just a stupid russkie, fam

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>this is an okay product but I said the last one was good so I have to say this one is shit to appease autists on an imageboard

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congratulations you're the smartest nigga at community college

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