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Anyway should I try to order this dial from Meranom? I think it's a superior alternative to these in the pic I asked about earlier.

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I need advice /wt/. I'm going to further mod my slavshit Amphibia, this time by giving it fully lumed numerals by reluming a stock dial.
I kinda like 3/6/9/12 dials so I'll be using one of those, but I need to find a perfect balance between the most lume surface area (i.e. large numerals and indeces) and the least autism (some Vostok dials as we know can be very neckbeard-tier). I prefer blue dials, but some designs like the 6-9-12 scubadude and the one in the upper-right only come in black. Mine in it's current state is in the lower left, for reference.

So give me your opinions.

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