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>mfw German
>even credit cards are a rarity here

Cash please.

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Nothing. I wouldn't want to get hung for witchcraft.

The church hung all the scientists and inventors because it knew what was going to happen. They saw the current age coming and wanted to prevent it. Based saints they were. If I ended up in the medieval age, I'd do my part in preventive measures against the Enlightenment.

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>use /pol/ terms
>blame /pol/ for the decline of your board whenever you can't blame /v/

I frequent neither board, but this is getting embarrassing.

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Well, you should find out which of your components is the loudest.

Spoiler: It's the GPU, as always with you cheap-ass AMD users.

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I've heard silver compounds fuck with aluminum/copper alloys and basically solder the sink to the heat spreader. That's bullshit, right?

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>tfw west-coast Canada
>Don't have to deal with Best Buy since Memory Express & NCIX are fighting each other tooth and nail, so you can show one's flyer to the other for rad discounts

Feels good, man.

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