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I have a pretty interesting story too:
I come from a upper-middle class family.
I worked in a retail job with a chick who was pretty cool, smart, loved technology, cars, video games, etc. Overall a very awesome girl.
She comes from a lower-middle class family.
We start hanging out.
We start dating, have a jolly old time.
I switch jobs.
She switches jobs.
She eventually finishes school and becomes a Paramedic.
I eventually finish school and become a Network Security Engineer.
We get married.
We're now married and live very comfortably, loving each other, ours lives, and our jobs.
No ill fortune has become us.

Picture very related.

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i fixed my friend's mom's computer and was rewarded with 4 hours of us sitting in her room making out and feeling her tits. we're dating now.

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