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I'm looking into putting some solar panels on my house to help lower energy costs.

I have no idea what brands are good, what equipment and setup would be best, or how much I should be ready to spend.

Any help for a broke man?

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>At work yesterday
>Boss starts talking about documentary he watched about running out of oil/power thinking he's now a scientist.
>Somebody else says "Couldnt we fire solar panels in to space to the other side of the sun, because we're only taking advantage of one side of the sun" and legit thinks its a good idea.

please help me

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so, g, how much do you know about solar cells?

Is there any research being done on:

1) elevated railings and concrete foundations for mounting panels in sandy deserts?
2) concave railings and mountings to focus the suns light more efficiently?
3) software and hydraulic systems that would allow a panel to track the sun so that it is always facing directly towards it?
4) tarps, abrasion resistant panels, or some other means of removing firt and grime from sandstorms and dust kicked up by strong winds?
5) Is there a protective covering stronger than glass, such as plexiglass or another polymer, that does not diffuse the light from the sun?
6) do solar panel remodels include an option for battery storage and/or a hydrogen fuel setup using an electrolysis machine? (the kind that seperates oxygen and hydrogen from water, not the kind that removes unwanted body hair)
7) as is often the case, roofs occasionally have to be replaced. Are the mounting brackets and rails for solar panels removable and reusable? Does a service contract cover such costs?

awesome. you guys are great. keep up the good work!

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