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I'm starting to see why you guys call it loonux.

I've been using babbys first loonux Ubuntu off and on since 2006 and thought I'd take a shot at using Arch Linux.

I take a look at the wiki and even the recommended computers say shit like trackpad doesn't work, speakers don't work, camera doesn't work, etc.

So what?.. the best option is to have this thing running in a constant state of hack job.

Linux Pill me /g/

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don't listen to >>67608231, he's a certified vegetable who probably uses retarded buzzword like libcuck.
american liberalism is more or less concerned with social progressiveness (LGBT/minority rights), and in favor of economic safety nets like social security, unemployment, generally more nanny-state type shit. don't consult anyone on 4chins for political advice, because you're guaranteed to get some autistic answer saturated with bias. at no time in history have american liberals ever been considered leftist or communist by anyone with more than 3 functioning brain cells.

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