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Hey folks,
So as I spend more time here, and more time educating myself about watches, I have decided I really want to shift my collection to some high value pieces. By "high value" pieces, I mean giving little regard to Brand names, and more priority to actual features of the watch (i.e. good reputable movement, accuracy, sapphire glass).

Please share some expertise on which brands/models are recommended.
Ideally, I would love some "low priced" (lets say anything under 1500 USD) watches that share movements with higher end watches. I know certain luxury brands buy third party movements (i.e. ETA movements) and modify them, then put them in their luxury watches and charge an arm and a leg for them. Style wise, I'm completely open. Dress, Diver, Field etc. Lets make these recommendations as if cost was not an object... the main object is "VALUE". Recommend as many as come to mind. I'm the kind of guy who like to switch up watches daily, so I plan to buy a handful of them. I just want to stop wearing shitters.

Example, from my limited research, Stienharts appear to provide good value (movements, sapphire). But I don't know if their watches are built well or will last. Looking forward to hearing recommendations.

(NO quartz, I have a few Accutrons. Now I am specifically looking to purchase Automatics or mechanicals).

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