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Second hand, probably pic. related. Hipsters will most likely soil themselves.

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Ah, air force. In that case you absolutely need pic. related.

>2 years and 8 months total, 2 years left to go though. And national service here is a completely different thing.
Pretty demanding I hear. News here is of course full of it, "foreign" is very limited to the journalists. 2 years 8 months is a lot, I thought it was 2 years since a friend of mine did 2 but is a she, not a he. Hang on in there.

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>This thing just look cool
OK, you just made me curious: exactly what aspect of this overly busy face did you find cool?

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>So if I buy a Rolex and I'm poor it's ok?
You are supposed to become stinking rich immediately before buying it.

>Good to know.
You are welcome.

>Its like I'm reading the "Watch SnobĀ®" in /wt/.

Asking for tritium in an upmarket dress watch is hardly snobbish. And the popularity of famous faces for digital watches suggests many would like a stylish and elegant watch but will never afford one.

What will up the design conflicts already brewing is the next generation 3D printers that will create any watch face you want. Copies of "Lollex" and "Pathetic Phil" will explode for a while until we get back to what I am more interested in: a tidy, elegant design with great readability and the (few) functions that I need.

Perhaps the next thread can be dedicated to how we would like a watch to be, could we have whatever we wanted.

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