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Hey /g/, I'm looking for a specific type of backup solution.
I'm going to be backing up from time to time to external HDDs. Ideally I want something automated or semiautomated to sync the new data when the HDDs are plugged in. The thing is, I will be backing up very large files and I want something smart like syncthing that will only add the changed parts of the files instead of coping the entire files again every time.
Something cross-platform is preferred because I currently use windows but plan on moving to GNU fully soon. If not possible, two similar solutions (one for each OS) is acceptable.
And last but not least, I would really rather a free software option, or at least open-source. Suggest proprietary software only as a last resort, please.
Any ideas? Also, does anyone here do backups in a similar manner?

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Do you guys have a solution for backing up really huge files onto an external hard drive?

I've got a really huge file approx. 4 TB on my raid0 the file changes only partially over time.

I just want to copy the changes over to my external HD connected via USB. And I don't want to wait 28 hours for it to complete when only a few gigabytes changed

Rsync isn't really suitable for this since it tries to checksum the whole file on the HDD which has a really slow connection connection considering the 4 TB.

Have you faced this problem before and how did you solve it?

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How many times a day do you back up your system?

How many gibibytes is it?

Is 8 times too many?

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