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>can't sleep
>haven't visited /wt/ in like fucking eons
>see this post
Don't mind if I do.

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>Apple Watch can't be rechecked or resealed for water resistance.

There goes the iWatch water resistance. However, it kinda make sense: the longevity of the WR is the same of the iShit itself; couple of years if you're ANALLY careful.

And to think I can have any of my vintage watches reasealed to almost their origial WR, +30 years later.

There you go m8.

>anything Richemont is shit
You clearly don't know what you're talking about kid. You should read a LOT more before writing a shitpost like that. Cheers.

If that's the real condition of the case, not that bad, actually. Vintage collecting, specially cheap watches like that, is a hit and miss scenario. Don't expect marvels from the watch. However, make sure to enjoy it and post pics here.

Faggot you serious??

The most technically advanced watch is not the iShit; if anything, it's more like midget phone, not as usefull, that you strap yo your wrist, IF you like dicks. (Ok, that last part is a joke)
But seriously, last gen quartz are way more advanced and reliable and can lasts years, not days, without any trouble.

Your collection?? Would you care to list them, as I don't recognize all the watches?? Thnx m8.

Goddammit!! I have been looking to buy a George Daniels for so long!!
Thanks for the salt on the wound...

>So what about the idiots that bought the 16k dollar one?
They're fucked

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>First for independent glory

What were your picks NineBalls?

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>Not the Chronometre Bleu
>Why bother?

But what if I do own the Chronometre Bleu?

Good to be back, though

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First for feeling blue and lazy on a saturday morning
>Chronometre Bleu

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Best of lucks m8. I hope to see you watch back in no time, functioning as it should.

I understand you, but as I've said, I have several. I also work in an office enviroment my friend.

Please post pic of your new workplace!!

>heroin and cocaine
Wow, such a healthy habit. I should go out more.

Not at all m8, not one bit. You're wrong for a huge margin.

This is fun anyway, you can keep guessing and maybe you'll hit the right answer eventually.

I hate soccer BTW.

Nice Chronostop m8.

>pic related

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I've been pretty well m8, thnks
>posting the pic everybody already knows and is tired of it.

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Blue is love, blue is life.

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Simple reminder that there are elegant, beautiful designs in both west and east
Pic related, my FPJ

*module construction tu reduce the difficulties

Yep. Sorry dude. I'm kinda sleepy.

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Just because I'm bored and can't sleep.
>muh Journe

>trying to talk shit about high-end swiss and germany brands because of its prices.
KEK /g/, my sides died of eternal bleeding.

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