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>be Sophomore Computer Engineer student
>4th semester has database classes
>database classes is shared with junior IT students
>we are required to do the assignment in groups
>I am the only one in the group who's a sophomore
>teacher suggests us to use phpMyAdmin which features GUI soultion to create tables and inserting values but of course SQL too
>SQL is fucking easy and slightly fun too. Enjoying creating dozens of tables of more complicated datasets than required by class
>newfags on the other hand struggles even after 5 lectures to get simple tables up
>shows them how to input the SQL code
>"b-but anon, why use SQL? It's so hard to understand! Why can't you show us how to do it on the GUI instead?"

and to think that half of their class had apparently dropped out already after failing Java...

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>3rd semester CS
>teacher talks about hashing and how using modulo is often a handy tool in making simple hashtables
>girl student asks: "b-but what is modulo?" despite modulo being one of the first operators we were introduced to during the first few days on 1st semester

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How come there's no iPhone 9?
Because X eight nine!
get it?

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