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thank you

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OP here.
I actually agree with this, macOS is the best in terms of UI, design and great features (airdrop, siri) IMO.
The problem for many, including me, is the hardware.
Not everyone wants to, or even can, spend up to $10k on MacBook Pro with a kind of bad keyboard and a Touchbar which you'll never use but still have to pay for anyway.
This + games is what keeps me on Windows for now.

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to be honest i want the industrial chiller.

i want whatever the hay the best cooler is.

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>What kind of information would you store on a 1TB microSD card? I only use them to store music on my phone. Since Ogg Opus exists music doesn't take much space anymore.

Oh. -- What kind of information WOULDN'T you store on a 1TB micro SD card? -- All of my information is less than 1TB. So I thought it would be cool to have all of my information on 1 micro SD card. Then I would be able to easily transfer all of my information everywhere. Or at least my data-disk. And if we have PCIE micro SD cards that perform better than SATA3 -- Then we can run stuff effectively on there too. Then I just need 2TB or 4TB if it comes crashing out of the gate -- as is rumored samsung is working on -- then I can even boot operating systems off of it, etc.. -- It'd be nice if technology could finally keep up with my advanced way of thinking. -- Ahead. -- A little bit. -- What kind of information WOULDN'T you store on a 1TB micro SD card? The possibilities are fucking endless.

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No its bootiful. Keep it the way it is.

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> he responded to you, but not like you, you. He just put @you so you know he's not responding to you

Jesus fucking Christ

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Good posts, anon(s).

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t-t-thank you anon

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Thanks anon

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I know this is a really easy install for almost everyone here, but I finally swapped out my graphics card without blowing anything up after a month of letting it sit in my closet. Felt certain I was going to break the PCI-E slot, but the clip was really easy to detach once I found it. I really need to get over the feeling that every component is made out of brittle glass.

Thanks for the help, anons.

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thanks anon

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Thank you. Now I can start seeding.

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shit i'm retarded
thanks anon for putting up with it

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An interpreter that would never ever get updated again?

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I didn't realize there was a significant difference. I assume the ATH-M40/50 would sound worse in exchange for being closed, then?

Thanks for all the responses. Two questions:
1) Is there any significant difference between the 598 and the 598se beyond color? They both seem to be about $150 on Amazon.
2) What's the quality differential between the SHP9500 and the above? I don't mind shelling out the extra $100, since I plan to wear these as long as I wore the A40s, but it seems a significant jump to be both recommended.

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Play your cards right and you're going to make a shitload of money, assuming nobody steals your idea and comes up with a better site faster.

Godspeed, Anon!

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>i've never really had anything i could be proud of, so i've been saving my money for a while to comfortably afford this.

Well good for you mang. I'm just a huge sucker for price/performance builds, and I'd probably never spend more than 1k on one. Different strokes for different folks.

Your build looks pretty good though, and I hope it goes well for ya.

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I'd be quite impressed if a faulty 100w """""fused""""" switch mode supply is enough to ignite my building. But rest assured that this thread would be first to know should it happen.

Yeah, this is just for hobby stuff, mostly prototyping digital logic and such (3,3v and 5v). I just like the thought of a variable supply instead of the myriad of separate fixed ones I have lying around.

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>get ThinkPad's display replaced under warranty
>they also give me a new keyboard and palm rest

feels good, man

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