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Hey retards, I'm using a 25$ mechanical keyboard. Kailh red switches. It's really nice. I've got some issues for some keys, I've cleaned up the PCB and now, all works perfectly. I've got this keyboard 3 years ago. It's nice, cheap and robust ! Would recommand for < 30 bucks !

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Somebody asked about Zalman ZM-K500 thread/two ago. It just came in.

It feels pretty soft on keypress, but I checked and it goes in on ~51g. Maybe I read too much 'opinions' and try to force faults.

Click is not so 'clicky'. It's there, but sounds little muffled compared to other keyboards. Not like it's a problem, all in all the keyboard is a bit quieter.

It's pretty high. I understand how someone with small hands might have a problem with first row, lucky me the angle at which I rest my wrist is perfect for it.

No buyers remorse for the price I paid.

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