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Can someone fucking please walk me through MSGS? I downloaded a fucking ISO from the god damn wiki, looked online for instructions, followed them, the first time it installed with no changes, and the next time the USB drive wont even boot when used as a boot device.

I keep getting told by superficially smart people itt that ltsc is a trap and to use education but I am getting rather sick of it exploding every time I try to work with it. why cant those jews over in MS leave me alone. I just want to play video games not be part of the botnet.

The iso I am working with is labeled "education" (though this appears to mean little in msmg's list of installed .wims) from the client that downloads isos provided by the pastebin. Msmg is likewise from there. I extract the iso into the dvd folder in place, mount the source, and use the options in fucking order.

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>invented just like the palestinians
Gee, I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post

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