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Either left or the SARB035.

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>Tfw when you're home only 3 days a week so you can't take your durt cheap LM special to get serviced.

At least the Raketa cleaned up real nice.

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>The Timex watch was on a pretty good sale, 50 euros now and 85 normally, so I thought it would be a pretty good deal.

More or less the regular price for them. Not like it's a bad thing, it's an okay watch but in that price range you have other things akin to the Amphibia and Seiko 5.

>but metal wrist bands seem unnecessarily difficult to adjust,
Usually in lower price ranges bracelets are meh at best, and are easy to adjust on your own. If you're too clumsy then go to a watch shop to do it for you.

And the straps that come with them aren't that good either. Investing a good 10 to 20$ on a better strap is usually the best course of action. Nylon is an exception.

>and they might get a little cold during winter

>I don't want a watch that is too "sporty" because those will probably look stupid with regular clothing
So go here http://www.watchsleuth.com/seiko5finder/

Find a model that you like and search it on eBay.

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