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Is it possible to get an .edu e-mail anywhere even though I'm not currently attending college? I really wanted to get that Amazon Prime discount.

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So I've had my current PC for just over 2 years now and I've been thinking about upgrading/possibly building a new system at some point (most likely using parts I buy over the course of this year).

My PC was pretty high-end when I built it (January of 2010) from what I could tell, though I've been having quite a few issues with games I should be able to run flawlessly (most likely due to shitty optimization). I can run games like Battlefield 3 and The Witcher 2 fairly well, but I can hardly play some games like GTA IV and most MMOs (recently tried out Rift and Tera, I get pretty shitty FPS in both when around groups of players/NPCs). At this point I figure my best bet is to just switch to Intel/Nvidia because most of the games I'm having issues with seem to be better optimized for them as opposed to AMD.

I'm using a 965 (@3.4Ghz, I've never tried OCing) and a 5850 (stock as well).


If I was to upgrade my PC within the next month or two, would I be better off upgrading the processor (and motherboard, most likely to an i5 2500k) or video card (which would most likely be a GTX 570)?

Another thing I'm concerned about is the newer generation of video cards + Intel processors which are coming out this year, though I have no clue of when/if the older products will get a decent price drop.

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My precious!

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No, faggot.

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