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So let's start it off by not recommending me gentoo, please.
So there we go: I just reinstalled my os (updated win 8.1 pro n, b4 had the october version of win 8.1) and have some problems with it.. first of all i can't fuking change my goddamned pointer.. well i forgot to say that it's not a legit version is a kms activated one.
Secondly, if i connect my pc directly to the modem to get the 1gb/s speed i get hmm about 200kb/s that's just bullshit.. and it is just plain wrong.. it kept the wallpaper from before the installation even if i clearly formatted the ssd with the os..(this might have something to do with the microsoft accout, idk).
Ah and the search thing works way slower.
Please help me guise!

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