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Learn qt
Its the best thing, period.

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p-post the lewd one somewhere anon

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XPS 9560 owner here
windows drivers are abhorrently shit. audio drivers are terrible, never switch properly to headphones and have several bloatware programs required for them to even work. intel graphics drivers dell ships have freezing and stuttering issues and the only way to fix is to force install intel's (windows will remove them every update). the killer wifi card drops connections all the time.
on linux things generally work fine. nouveau crashes without nouveau.modeset=0 in kernel params, but after that the system runs well. the only problem of course is optimus, which still doesn't have any good solution outside of windows.

if anyone has any suggestions for a similarly priced/specced laptop with AMD dedicated graphics i'd be interested to hear it

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You meant to say Kubuntu.

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Re/g/ommend me a dual pane file manager for windows.

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I installed Gentoo today bros. My Suckless rice and GNU/Emacs is all up and running and it's glorious.
Is this peak comfiness? What comes after this, EXWM on Slack?
i3(gaps) is popular, but dwm+st+dmenu is the patrician choice.

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I'm currently running The Most Blessed Gentoo, sans systemd
>Before that I (briefly) used Void
>Before that I (briefly) used OpenBSD
>Before that I used Arch
>Before that I used CentOS
>Before that I used Fedora
>Before that I used Debian
>Before that I used Ubuntu (ft. Amazon)
>Before that I used Windows 7

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I have Manjaro with KDE Plasma running on my
main machine since December. Zero issues and really comfy.
Even installed Arch on another PC just to see if it's better but as of now I see no reason to switch.

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What packages do you have installed?

pacman -Qqe


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gift for /tpg/

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