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i do actually idolize steve mann and natasha vitamore and the like. i am currently an electrical engineer student and i hope to contribute to grinding someday, or at least be wealthy enough to experiment a bit and use some of it while it is being developed. i've always had a dream of a 'magnet house' where inhabitants have iron man-like tools (electromagnets) on there hands and feet(or even partial implants) to move stuff or even themselves at will. the more i learn the more stupid this sounds, though :/

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this is indeed fuckhuge but i like it, might end up getting one and adding an all black bezel. i legit had no idea these variants existed

shit this is dope. getting one immediately for giggles

these all look nice too. ill be looking for a clean raketa perhaps.

thanks guys. i appreciate the help

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this makes little sense

the problem isnt that he is steadfast in his description and categorization of free vs nonfree software

the problem is that he says that nonfree software can never be defended, where in fact only some things can be arguably said to be 'wrong' to be non free or closed source.

his description of free software is pretty basic and intuitive and hasnt changed in a long time.

perhaps using "free as in freedom" is a little charged, but it is true that his guidelines fit software that users have full control over, which is at least a heightened form of freedom.

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