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Buy a Mac.


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Also regardless, still not a single person has presented a monitor of comparable quality to the 5k iMac ITT. Really makes me think...

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Unlike a self built PC, Macs hold their value.

You can resell it and buy a better one instead of upgrading. Similar expense

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Fine, find me a $1599 all in one PC with a 5k resolution screen

You cant? What a surprise. Apple products cost more because they are better.


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So glad I got a 5k iMac.

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>tfw just got a promotion

I’m gonna celebrate by buying a Mac, but which Mac should I buy?

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Who /comfy/ here?

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It’s... it’s beautiful.

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>someone posts a question or experience about using their Windows or Linux pc
>reasonable discussion

>someone posts a question or experience about using their Mac

Why is this? Why does owning a Mac instill such rage in some people on /g/? Is it because most people on /g/ are poor and would need to save for several months to own a Mac?

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I have an iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2017, and Apple Watch series 2, but no Mac. Should I get an iMac? I’m looking to get a new computer soon.

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Is the iMac the most premium computing experience?

>that OS
>that 5k display
>that all in one design

It just feels way better and more luxurious than any PC I’ve used.

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Why is the iMac so premium? That aesthetic design, 5k display, and superior operating system... it just seems far ahead of anything windows has to offer.


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I’ve noticed a number of people here look down on people who use Apple financing. Let me educate you.

Even if you have the money to buy the apple products up front, using the special financing is still superior. Why?

1. It’s interest free. So you’re not losing money by availing of financing. In fact, you’re actually winning money. The risk free rate is approximately 1.3%. That means by delaying payment over two years, you/re making 1.3% a year of the amount of money you can keep in the bank by availing of financing.

2. Utility. I could afford a brand new iMac right now. Currently my income is $150,000 but I expect this to go up over the next two years. If I pay back my iMac, interest free over the next two years, that money will mean less to me a year from now when I am earning more money.

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>be me, a long time PC user
>always thought macs were overpriced, garbage etc.
>went to a buddy’s house the other day and he has an iMac
>its not even the newest one but notice how much better it looks than my PC. Great display, great OS etc.
>start messing around on it and i enjoy it much more than my PC and it has much better performance for every day tasks
>mfw i ordered a brand new 5k iMac

Why did you lie to me /g/?

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>5k display
>superior OS

Face it, you'd buy one if you could afford it

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The 5k iMac is actually a pretty good deal.

>All in one desktop
>extremely quiet
>much less cords compared to a normal PC
>5k display, more or less unmatched in any PC for a similar price range

Sure its pricey but its a premium product and you get what you pay for.

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Good, PC's finally trying to catch up

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