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how do I download the entire CSS file of tomorrow (using 4chan-x right now) just so I can change all color values and feed it back to 4chan-x?

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does anyone here have an android tablet they actually use? if so, can you explain to me what it's useful for? since android doesn't have tablet specific apps like iOS does (and no, I hate apple so I'm not gonna buy an iPad).

I'm eyeing the S5e but I'm not sure if it will remain useful.

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>Go to your local auto-wrecker
>Find a newish model car with leather seats that's been written off
>Preferably something out of a more luxury car but almost anything from the past 7 years or so will work great
>Offer them 50 bucks for the passenger seat out of it, drivers seats are a higher priced item and you have to deal with a bunch of sensors and shit
>Salvage the base of the chair off a junk pile or your old chair, people throw out high quality chairs all the time because the fabric or some shit starts to get torn or worn on them, but the base is fine.
>Bolt together with some cheap as shit steel and a few nuts and bolts from the local hardware store
>Achieve ergonomic, high-density foam nirvana for under 100 dollarydoos.

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