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Took it apart again, I'm gonna try to hammer some of the material over to the worn out area of the barrel bridge with a staking punch, so that the crown wheel may mesh correctly with the ratchet wheel again. May or may not work, but my watchmaker sensei says this is a temporary solution.

Also I think I can install a hack lever into this movement, supposedly it was an option on the ETA 2783, the mainplate is machined for it. Why they wouldn't install such a low-cost part in EVERY movement from the first place is beyond me, maybe the Torah forbids giving away hack levers to gentile for free.

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I ordered the same green strap for my gold Helvetia. Hope it works as good as it does on your watch.

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So this is a 70's watch. How would brown rally leather looks like? Also dark or lighter brown?

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Shit pic because it's night, but it's done, and so far running solid. I'll do some further checks tomorrow for smudges, operation, etc. but everything looks fine. I didn't relume it though, I'm not sure if it wouldn't decrease its worth.

Movement is the ETA 2783, manual and bidirectional automatic winding, instant jumping date wheel with quick setting crown, 21600bph, kinda overcomplicated keyless work.

Made in 1975, bought from first owner who didn't abuse it, but didn't have it serviced either. Ministry Amphibia for scale.

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