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>Dedicated SATA card
It's actually a dual SAS card. LSI 8211i to be exact. Got it for $100 brand new. Has to be flashed to IT mode to be used as just a non RAID card. I use Windows software based RAID. More reliable in the long term. The PSU is great. $65 got me a gold rated Seasonic 650w unit with 8x SATA power connectors so I don't have to use untrustworthy SATA splitters or worse, molex to SATA.
Bigger cases with a lot of HDD space isn't too expensive really. Standard tower with room for 6+ 3.5" HDDs is like $120 for a good one. Hell I've even seen rackmount cases on Newegg from Rosewill with support up to 15x HDDs for sub $200.

A good server case is well worth the investment. My server is a windowless fractal R5. My main PC is in a windowless fractal R6 Blackout. Media PC is in a windowless Fractal Node 304.

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