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>imagine being this autistic

Do you realize that despite all what you just wrote down in rage


That you cannot recompress a 1080p h265 file, no matter how hard you sperg and roll on the floor?

Unless your data you hoard is _only_ text files and _not_ music and movies, any of these compression methods give you ZERO benefit?

Forcing lossless recompression on an already lossy compressed file is a waste of time and CPU cycles. Something only someone would do, whose time is worthless.

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This is my server. It currently runs windows 7, has 3 separate windows based mirror arrays being backed up to a single drive. 3 shares over the network, and a shared all in one printer. I then use windows built in remote desktop to talk to the server from my main machine. As you can see I'm balls deep in the windows ecosystem. I was considering moving over to FreeNAS but then I don't know where that would leave me as far as being able to run RAID (Is mdadm good enough?), Connect to the server remotely, or host a printer. Is there any *nix based OS that can compare?

This isn't bait, dead serious. Windows 7's life is up 2020, a Windows server license is like $500 for a basic bitch version, and I really, REALLY don't want to run a Windows 10 based server.

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Everything. I have 22TB of space, 7TB usable in my server. I'm actually about to upgrade the server soon and get 8x 14TB disks. Pic related, my server. I have my huge collection of physical media that I ripped and encoded myself. PDF's of maps and important books. Pictures, music, etc. I never understood people who stream EVERYTHING. I stream, but damn some people are stupid.

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Depends on what you want the PC to do. Pic related is my server. I use my server entirely for nothing but sharing my large physical media collection that I rip and encode myself.
>Intel Haswell Pentium G3260
>4x4GB DDR3-1333MHz ECC
>Supermicro server motherboard
>Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for boot
>2x1TB WD Blue in Windows RAID 1
>2x2TB Seagate Barracudas in Windows RAID 1
>2x4TB Toshiba X300 in Windows RAID 1
>Seagate 8TB Ironwolf for array backup.

I started the server using entirely backup parts and slowly expanded.

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No problem. It's a true 1 slot passive card too unlike many of the newer ones whose heatsink is 1.5 slots. The card fits neatly in my server right above my SAS card which was a problem before due to how close the PCIe slots are. Pic related. I have it hooked to my 4K TV for when I'm watching stuff in the living room. Does 4k 30HZ over HDMI easy

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Best quality/warranty/looks compared to the other brands unless you're all about RGB. Is so, go gigabyte Aurous. I've been buying EVGA since GTX 2xx days and never had a bad experience. Similar to how Sapphire is the go to AMD brand. This doesn't make other brands necessarily bad, but just lesser imo.

For cheap shit it doesn't matter. Pic related is my server/living room PC. Has an MSI passively cooled GT710

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Forgot the damned picture

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I built my own piece by piece. Most recent addition was the Seasonic unit and a 750w UPS/surge protector. I've got a far check coming my way. Thinking of picking up 2 more 8TB drives

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Just get a decently cheap SAS card or mini-SAS. I bought an LSI 8211i dual mini-SAS card for $110 brand new on Newegg.

Pic related is my server.
>Haswell Pentium G3260 dual core
>SuperMicro motherboard
>16GB DDR3-1333MHz ECC
>Tossed in a passive GT710 for streaming to my living room 4k TV

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And here's the server with its freshly installed Seasonic PSU.

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I own 2x X300 4TB models. They're loud when they're really working a shit load, i.e. sustained writes for hundreds of gigs at a time. I have my pair in a mirror array, so both drives are working at once as well. They're in my server which is in a fractal R5 case, which is sound dampened.

As for PSU fan I really can't comment because mine rarely ever comes on. Pic related, the server. What I can say though is that my case fans at their lowest RPM is louder than the drives.

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Hello pcb/g/. Looking for a good top down cooler. I.e. a CPU cooler with the same fan Orientation as a stock cooler. It's only going to be cooling a Haswell Pentium dual core in my server, but my current solution is a stock Intel cooler and it's as loud and inefficient as you can imagine. Looking at top down coolers so I can get airflow across the VRMs of the motherboard.

Ability to replace/swap the fan is a must. Ability to mount the cooler with no backplate required is a huge plus. No mandatory though. Would really appreciate the help. Pic related. My server

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Finally got a new PSU for my server.

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