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I'd love a Leopold FC660C with BKE domes but I'm never going to be able to afford it.

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Leopold FC660C. Still the best.

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Don't mind me I'm just being the best mechanical keyboard available.

>best switches
>best form factor
>comfiest keypress sound

What more could you want? And if you say a numpad, you gay.

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i just bought a leopold fc660, really looking forward to it

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1 step closer to buying the meme switch. Was going to just buy an hhkb type-s but listening to multiple f660c typing videos make me want to get that instead.

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Such want.

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For you guys on 60% boards, how do you deal with no numpad, or no function keys even? I don't use a numpad or function keys often but I am really hesitant to toss away those options.

Pic related is the board I am on the edge for.

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>buy topre keyboard
>done been memed

feels like bags of sand

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