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data entry cuck here, I literally use the numpad for 95% of my job

>mfw I used the numpad to complete the captcha

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What the fuck are you on about? Server platforms, ie twin socket mobos, Xeons, quad channel dimms have way more processing power than a fucking 7700k...

wait..fuck, you're either weapons-grade retarded or your comment is bait, either way i'm out

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>servicing my fathers watch that he got as a settling of a bar tab decades ago
>mfw turns out it's a Swiss ETA automatic (big deal in former commieland)
>mfw turns out it's a Super-Compressor case
>mfw turns out it has 20 micron gold plating instead of the usual 10
>mfw turns out it has 120m WR, on a late 60's causal/semi-dress watch
>mfw turns out the 3, 6, 9 indexes has diamonds set in them
What else? Will it turn out it belonged to fucking Kadhafi or something?

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>old lady walks in for a battery change
>looks at WR chart we have posted for retards who flood their 3atm watches
>sees that 30m is only hand washing safe, and 50m is barely swimproof
>"I guess I can learn something new every day"
>"I though m meant meters"
>mfw she hit the nail on the head and the current system is fucking retarded

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Not with the upcoming generation anyway.
We've known for the past 3 years that 1080p+ per eye is the bare minimum for a pleasant VR experience, nobody is offering that and won't be foe another 3 years

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>be me
>start at uni last week
>first day some tutors showing us around, giving information
>"be sure to add us on facebook and join our group! It's essential to get the latest news and updates of our studies!"

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>buying skylake

Where have you been? You're not going to get an equivalent skylake 5820k.

D..did I just get baited?

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Are you fucking gnu around here? we get daily life updates about gorhill around here

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With limited warranty?

Depends if you care about that kinda stuff, $120 is meh for a used 760i

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that SSD is a steal at $170, I fucking missed the prime sale for that SSD, sold out almost instantly

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Did you ever respond to the fact that the crown isn't screwed down?

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I mean, they are pretty much the same clock for clock, but the 5820 wouldn't beat a higher clocked 4690. In single thread anyway, it'll demolish it in about everything else.

>AMD in charge of not fucking up.
I want zen to be good, I really do, but they have fucking no chance, a node behind, minuscule R&D budget, even with jim the killer keller on board I'm struggling to see how they could match haswell, nevermind skylake.

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Is anyone using ethernet over HDMI?

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>think the name on the dial is "Slava"
>mfw it's actually Cjiaba

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>start reading
>"oh, it can't be THAT bad, i'm sure it'll get better"
>it doesn't get better

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>accidently click shady website by mistake
>java opens up in my taskbar
>computer is already infected with rootkits and malware before I even exit out of the browser

Thanks Windows XP

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>School computers have a wallpaper of the front of school
>Photoshop the school's name to spell a profanity word
>Change the wallpapers on all of the computers when nobody is paying attention
>Mfw nobody notices for months

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mfw people still use SlowFox

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>tinfoil the board
>everyone is circlejerking and postin pictures of the most private parts of their homes

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So /g/, I bought a moto G a few weeks ago. Why do some of you say it's bad? I literally have no problems with it. I browse the web, play games, and use social media apps fine. Plus the battery last all day.

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