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> ancient
> he doesn't know about the UP3017
Oooh sweaty, who hurt you?

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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I don't exclusively work for one employer (unionized electrician -- I hop to and from several contractors in a year, but local and out-of-town). But I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Thanks for the advice and links. When you were working freelance, did it keep you busy consistently? Programming as a side-job appeals to me quite a bit, as my job allows me ample spare time. (Most people in my field moonlight as under-the-table, unlicensed electricians, which is illegal.)

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The one for large women.

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It means you are both Jewish and obvious. Also that you can't get laid despite reading all the NLP and PUA books and forums. I bet you do manage to get a little cheese pizza over TOR though. You're showing all the signs of being a pizza lover.

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Possibly reference should be in caps and treated as an arrary?

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Windows 7 or Windows 10 + dual boot linux? Help me decide on the best setup for gaymen

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Is there a way to spot samefagging besides the time?

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Hot white girl thread

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