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Fake as fuck.
I don't wear it.
The Fossils are from my childhood.

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Pretty much.
I love the Amphibia, though.
I'll probably sell/trade the Citizen soon to help fund some kinda' Seiko. Really like the SARX, SARB, SARG007, and Turtle. The SBPY133 is sweet, too, but hard to find.

Go for the regular display. From what I've heard, the negative one is a bitch to read in harsh light. Also, the negative one just looks kinda gay.

Sure, they look similar, but I'd hardly call it a clone. The similarities end at the generally rectangular shape and black color. On the Fossil, there's no date indicator, the crown is grooved and tapers, the crystal and case are angled at the top and bottom, the bracelet isn't at all flush with the case, and the hands and indices are entirely different.

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The strap I got for a Tisell Flieger.
I just popped it on the Borealis for fun while I waited for the Tisell to ship.
I using the bracelet that came with the Borealis, now, cuz it's awesome.

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