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T..thanks sempai...

It's going to be a big jump for me, a SKX beater into a Rolex. This will be the first of many I promised myself, well now that I can afford it, a watch a year. I was planning on a red bezel BB(used) for my first watch but I decided to say fuck it and get the one I wanted the most first. A Submariner. Think I'd go...

1. Sub (Brand new 114060 I've been jerking to this thing for a few weeks now, its one of the best sellers so very hard to find a place with one in stock)
2. BB red bezel ETA 2824 (used)
3. Pelagos blue (used possibly but I don't mind new)

Then I'd be done, but a part of me wanted to swap the BB for a GMT. Overall my end game is going to have 1 Rolex as my base, the Sub.

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