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>tfw when you're unsure if you want to sell the Cosmotron
>tfw when you're unsure what strap to get for the SRP777 and SARB033

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Wasn't there an anon around that wanted wrist pics of the Monster?

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>the movement is pretty shit
Care to back that claim up?

The NY0040 is powered by the robust 8203A movement, it's a movement series that was designed and built to last and is known to be as long living as a 7XXX's series Seiko movement. You can easily find 20 year old examples of the movement still kicking, along with poo-in-the loo'd ones that still survive.

And unlike the regular 7S26 movement, it handwinds. Though it lacks bi-directional winding.

I won't argue that Seiko knocked it out the park with the Neo-Turtle, but the NY0040 is a splendid watch on it's own.

>You'd be right about the monster a couple months ago but they completely disappeared and if you do find one it's a scalper that wants like 300 bucks.

They pop up from time to time and sell for the 200$ range (SRP307&311), the 313 is still available for decent prices.

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It's a traditionally sized watch in both size and thickness, with a reliable movement, and follows the timeless Seiko "Grammar of design" styling.

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Not really.

My collection goes from 5 to 15~ watches as time goes by, yet usually only 3 or 4 are beater/tool watches.

Pic related is an example, the blue Poljot and Peniswave are gone and sold. The Amphibia got recased again and i have 4 watches incoming.

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Finally, new watches arrived.

Need more straps though.

Post updated versions of collections.

Use a plastic ziplock bag and the blunt part of the knife. Wrap it around it and pop it off for minimal damage to the case.

Well, the black coating on it is going to flake real bad and the movement ticks very loudly. (Let alone being made in the Mexico of Asia)

A Seiko 5 will still be a better option.

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